Nice Weather We’re Having: This Crazy Weather

Britt Young, News Editor

Walking outside one day, it could be extremely cold.  The next day coats are non-existent on campus. Everyone has one thing on their mind, the weather is very odd this year.  

Something is causing it, and there has to be an answer out there somewhere.

No one really knows what is going to happen with the weather.  The only thing that everyone knows is that it is one wacky winter.

“I hate this weather,” said Evan Wragge, a freshman Biology major at Northeast.  “I never know what to wear anymore, I keep putting my coat in storage thinking winter is almost over.”

There are many theories on why this weather is hitting Nebraska.  Nature Conservancy states that it could be because of the coal and oil consumption.  We are taking too many resources from the earth, which could cause the weather changes.

Global warming could also be a factor in the climate change.  National Geographic reported that global warming has already started having affects on the earth.  Average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit around the world since 1880.

The increase of natural disasters are also a sign that something is happening.  Nature Conservancy stated that deaths from a natural disasters were at an all time high this year.

There has not been as much snow in Nebraska as predicted.  This is not because it is too warm outside because the Norfolk area has had bone chilling weather.  

People living in Norfolk will never forget two years ago when the snow fell on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Several inches of snow were left on the ground and people had a lot of problems getting around.

Even though this memory is in the back of most minds, some people are missing the white stuff. Others are happy that there hasn’t been much precipitation.

Wragge weighed in on this, “I’m ok with it.  It is less difficult to drive in and there is less stress.”

Not a lot of snow may not be in Norfolk at the moment, but we have had enough high winds in the cold to last forever.  The weather forecast for the next weeks talks of cold weather, but most can remember looking at the television and seeing spring weather at the beginning of January.

No one has a direct answer about the weird weather changes.  Most people just want to know when it will be over so spring can come.

When asked about the weird weather changes and spring off in the distance, Wragge commented,  “I wish I could tell this weather one thing:  Not cool bro.”