Blue Man Group come to Omaha

Alberto Garcia, A & E Editor

The world renown performers are coming  to the Orpheum Theater in Omaha this upcoming week. They will be having 6 shows from Tuesday the 17th to Sunday the 22nd. The three man troupe, that has permanent shows in cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, and more are making a stop in the Midwest region.

Their show is not recommended for people sensitive to strobe/flashing lights. The show, which runs just under two hours consists of various acts, such as music, comedy, and audience participation. When the group has musical acts, either its the three Blue Men, or a band plus the three Blue Men.

Even though the Blue Man Group has a lot of musical acts. The show is mainly comedy. Whether it be a skit onstage, in the audience, or around the theater, the group will always keep you laughing. Their upbeat show will never leave you bored and wanting more.

The travelling troupe will not leave you bored. Surrounding everyone, there are multimedia screens on the walls. Throughout the show, the blue men are very involved with the audience. The blue men will not leave any room for your to get bored, may it be one  of them coming up to you, getting paint launched at you, or rolls falling from the ceiling, you will always be involved in the show.

The shows next week will not be the only opportunity to see the show. Every year the troupe makes stops every year in Omaha or Lincoln.  The next opportunity you will have to see the show will be on March 13th and March 14th in Sioux City at the Orpheum Theater.