Having A Healthy and Happy Holiday

Britt Young, Ad Sales

Holiday eating is something everyone does around this time.  Thanksgiving is now gone, but many other events are coming up with a lot of holiday eating.

Over the holidays the average person gains 1.5%.  This is the highest number of weight gain for the whole year.

Gyms get many new memberships after the long holiday break because many are trying to shed those unwanted pounds that were gained.

Small things can be done over the holidays to help with weight gain.

Amy Ries, Dietitian and Fitness Instructor at NECC, stated that a lot of people discontinue their exercise program over the holiday break.  Not exercising and eating differently can cause a lot of weight gain.

Many people have many different events to go to over the holidays, so many feel that they can not fit everything in especially exercising.

Ries said that an exercise program should be set up over the holidays, this could mean walking at the mall while shopping.  Bundle up for the cold weather and walk outside when gyms are closed.

Also, engaging the rest of the family to exercise can help the weight gain over the holidays.  If a family starts an exercise program, it is easier to continue with it.

Overeating is another reason for weight gain.  Reis said this was because everyone is around family and feel comfortable.  Most families get together to eat for the holiday, so overeating is a tradition.

Reis said that most people eat because it is in front of them, not because they are actually hungry.

Stefanie Mundl, Fitness Instructor at NECC, said that many people do not eat vegetables over the holidays.  Eating in moderation and trying to eat more vegetables will help to stay healthy over the holidays.

Other ways that to stay healthy over the holidays is to keep food in the kitchen out of the way of guests, that way guests have to get up to walk to the kitchen to get more food.

Ries and Mundl also said that eating small portions and just trying a little bit of everything will help with overeating over the holidays.

Another alternative that Ries stated was that things can be made using 1% or skim milk when milk products are needed.  Using sugar alternatives can also cut down on calories in foods.

“Try to do what you normally do, if you exercise, exercise.  If you only eat three meals that are decent size, do that.”  Mundl commented.

Ries also said that splurging on one thing that is not usually around other than the holidays is okay.  Most people splurge on many different items of food and that is when overeating occurs.

Ries said that people end up eating not only traditional foods for the holidays, but also foods that they eat all year long.  Take the time to decide what can be eaten anytime and what can only be eaten on the holidays.  Set up a “route map” for what should be eaten during the holidays.

“Bring in a new tradition that is more healthy.  Have smaller plates of food and exercise.”  Ries stated.

Eating small portions over the holidays, and staying active will help from gaining any weight over the long holiday.  Following all the helpful hints will give another option for a New Year Resolution.