Two Sisters, One Dream

Brittney Means, Opinion Editor

Bringing two sisters and other families together.

There aren’t too many fun things for children to do around Norfolk.  There are parks, but sometimes it’s too cold or rainy to go there.  There’s a movie theater, but that is getting pretty expensive for parents to take the whole family there. 

A solution to the boredom of children and families has been found!  Thanks to Traci Anderson and her sister Tarah who are opening a fun land for children and families!

Traci and Tarah are sisters who were both stay-at-home moms who were tired of having to go out of town, drive two or so hours to Omaha or somewhere; just to have something fun for their children to do.  That is when they had the idea to open their own fun place for families to go to right here in Norfolk.

The two sisters bought the old Kitchen Place building in downtown Norfolk.  A great location for something Norfolk doesn’t have. 

Gob’s and Gobb’s of Fun will open later this month and will feature wall to wall foam flooring so children can’t get hurt, basketball hoops along with other play toys, including train tables and legos, a projector for games for children to play, an x-box room that they can play in, a dress up room for children to expand their imagination and dress up  and a 20’ by 40’ jungle gym  with a large bouncer in the center.

Gob’s and Gobb’s of Fun will also have a birthday party room so children can have their birthday parties there.  The party room will also have a kitchen so the parties can have pizza, birthday cake and other party foods.

Gob’s and Gobb’s of Fun isn’t just for small children.  Older children, and even the parents can get right in the fun and play too! 

Gob’s and Gobb’s of Fun will open at 8:30 in the morning, so it is convenient for parents to drop off the older children at school and then take the younger ones to play.  On Sundays, Gob’s and Gobb’s will open after church, giving families something fun to do all afternoon.

Gob’s and Gobb’s of Fun will be fun for all ages!

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