Do you agree?

Natasha Alexander, Campus Editor

This year, NECC will kick off the We Agree Campaign that is being done in conjunction with Wayne State College. The press conference to announce the We Agree Campaign was held on August 23, 2011 on the WSC campus.  The obvious question probably weighing on several minds here is “what is We Agree?” According to Pete Rizzo, “The message of the We Agree Campaign to students as well as the communities of Norfolk and Wayne that disruptive, out of control parties that disturb neighbors and destroy property give Norfolk and Wayne college students a ‘bad name’. . .”

This came to be when Rizzo received an Alcohol and Other Drugs mini grant to coordinate with this school, WSC, and local law enforcement. The campaign originated in Lincoln through UNL and has apparently had great success. Its not just about keeping parties quiet, however. Rizzo said, “. . . they destroy the quality of life and safety of everyone in Wayne and Norfolk, including college students. Student party hosts have also become victims of crime that occur at these parties.” The intent of this campaign is not being carried out with vindictive, malevolent intent. Its for the safety and reputation of the college students and the schools they represent.

In the simplest terms possible, they want the parties kept out of sight, out of mind. It should come as no huge shock that college students host and attend parties. For some, that is the entire point of college. We Agree suggests some simple steps to keep those raging parties from getting out of control: limit the number of people invited, only allow people you know into the party, don’t let guests park illegally, keep the noise down and the party inside, and get to know you neighbors and talk through potential problems and complaints. Rizzo stated, “We urge the students of WSC and NECC to help us reduce the problem of disruptive parties in Wayne and Norfolk by following these same steps or face the penalties.” At least the caveat is fairly obvious. Well, hopefully.

Simple enough, right? This isn’t one of those preachy campaigns.  Just enjoy the parties in a respectable manner.

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