New Community Center Has O’Neill Citizens Excited

The town of O’Neill has finished construction on a new local Community Center. The Community Center will provide crowd space, auction space, and kitchen/catering areas.
Many people are very excited about the Center because O’Neill hadn’t had a building suitable for large events. Wedding receptions with large crowds, and auctions that needed to be held inside, will be able to be held inside of the Center.. There are many people in O’Neill that are very excited about the new Center, including Mayor Bill Price, KBRX radio broadcaster Scott Poese, and Rich McIntosh.
The Center will cost approximately 1.3-million dollars, half has been provided by donations and the other half by the City on O’Neill itself. Scott Poese, being a majorly influential person in O’Neill, has decided to support the project. “Everybody who’s been inside has really been impressed with the facility and the sound systems we have. And YES, I am a huge supporter of the Community Center!” Poese said. The new things that people really appreciate about the Center is: a main room that will support upwards of 750 people, a kitchen, and 16 ft. garage doors that cars and trucks can drive in-and-out of during auctions. Before this project, if people wanted to have a wedding reception, they had to go to Atkinson because O’Neill didn’t have a building large enough for that many people. “I think it will be a great asset to our community”, said Mayor Bill Price.
There are certain rules that must be enforced related to alcohol use. Of course, the standard state of Nebraska rules apply to all use. No one will be allowed to take alcohol from the Center, no one is permitted to give minors any alcohol. The impact on the ability to hold large events will be great for people from surrounding counties; that need a place to have weddings, auctions, even charity events. All of the above have been predicted to be a possibility for the Center.