What’s Your Secret?

Brittany Young, Advertising Editor

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Everyone is walking around with some little secret that could possibly tear their life apart.  If someone found out this secret it could cause judgment, but why?

Many people walk around with baggage on their backs from experiences they have gone through.  Glancing around campus every student looks normal, average.  Deep down some have secrets stashed inside, too afraid to talk about them.  These secrets can average from the extreme to small, but all are things that can cause embarrassment.  A young woman could sit in a class all semester and be very upbeat, but as soon as she mentions she suffers from depression, she may be looked at as someone who can’t handle anything.  In all reality she can actually handle more because of dealing with depression and all other aspects of her life.  Many people want to share their secrets, but they feel people will just look at them differently.  There have been cases of students coming out in high school and letting their classmates know their real sexuality.  They feel safe with the classmates that they have grown up with and they open up with some of their secrets.  When these students get to college they soon feel like they are being judged and many actually hide their sexuality so that they will be marked as different. 

Students feel the weight on their shoulders in college.  College is a fast paced place and no one wants to do anything that would make them unusual.  Instead of learning how to accept themselves, so others can as well, they become something they think others will like.  Masking a true self can never make anyone happy.

Being your true self should be easy, but for some reason it is very difficult for some.  Many do not understand certain issues that others face.  This may be because there isn’t enough information out there for people to gain knowledge about these topics.  Some may know a little about some of the topic and so they think that they know what someone is going through.  Topic pamphlets are very informative for any audience because they state the facts and are straight to the point.  These pamphlets can also help those who are too afraid to speak out.  The main thing that everyone needs is support.  Society is very judgmental, and sometimes that causes problems to slip through the cracks.  Everyone needs someone to talk to, and they need to be open and willing to just listen.  Maybe that will help with all the needless secrets haunting all of our society. 

If anyone knows someone that needs help or someone to talk to, counseling services is open to the students that need to talk.   Many of the instructors are very comforting and willing to also talk if you need advice on what to do or where to go.  If things get ever get the point to where it is an emergency, there are many services in Norfolk.  There are many places in the phone book in Norfolk that can be called for help, if nothing else, contact Faith Regional the local hospital and they will be able to help find some place.  No matter what the problem is, there is someone who will listen, and help in any way they can.

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