Jimmy John’s: The New Kid on the Block

Brook Schlote, Reporter

Jimmy John’s, the quick-serve sandwich shop has come to Norfolk, Nebraska. As of February 1st, the establishment, known for their incredibly fast manufacturing and delivery of sandwiches has set up shop at 500 S 13th St. The shop itself has a hipster feel, and makes the waiting experience fly past. From quirky signs lining the walls or quotes from Jimmy John himself, the soul from the first shop in 1983 is captured within the walls of the store.

                Business at Jimmy John’s has been “great, better than expected,” manager Sam Nixon said. With a never ending line at Jimmy John’s, it does appear that this sensational sub shop is doing just fine. The hours of the Norfolk location are from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. “But, if I have bread done in the morning, and you wanna come in before class, you can definitely get a sandwich. We are looking to extend our hours.”

                As far as delivery goes, Jimmy John’s range is fairly broad. “What really disappoints me is we didn’t get to the college,” Nixon said. “It’s a corporate decision and they decide where we ‘can and can’t deliver.’  We are really going to push toward getting out the college, (with corporate) and getting a map of the whole area of the school and seeing how fast we get out to you guys.’’

               As for boundaries, the cut-off for the east is First St. and Benjamin, for the west side, 35th St.  In the southern part of Norfolk, Monroe Ave. is the cut-off and to the north is Sheridan Dr. For students looking for a job, the floor is open. “This store is for students to work here. I want students to come work here and I schedule around their schedule. Those who don’t have much going on over their lunch hour come in let’s rock out some sandwiches and go back to work or go back to school.’’

               “Let’s rock out some sandwiches.” Or “I definitely want to be the number one sandwich shop. I want to be the best quick-serve restaurant.”