Graduate Employment Report shows 98% of last year’s grads are employed or in higher ed

Ryan Forth, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Northeast Community College just published its 2010-2011 Graduate Employment Report, which shows an astounding number of successful graduates.
The report shows that a total of 98 percent of students who graduated NECC in 2010 have either continued their education or are employed. Unfortunately, there were about two percent of students that couldn’t be located for one reason or another.
Although two percent may seem like an astounding number unaccounted, it is in reality only 14 alumni out of the 725 graduates from Spring.
The number of employed graduates has remained somewhat steady over the last few years. However, there was a four percent drop in students that were employed in the fields for which they studied at Northeast. The number is now at its lowest since 2005.
Along with the Report, booklet also lets those interested have the knowledge that they can receive help with finding employment during or after enrollment in the Career Services by going to the GPS center in the front of the Welcome Center.
Career Services can be reached by calling Terri Heggemeyer, Career Services Director at 402-371-2020 ext. 7263.

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